We are a non-profit agency that focuses on community programs which include healthy living initiatives,  chronic disease risk reduction efforts, and the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse -including tobacco- and suicide.  QLC provides a compilation of Dickinson County community resources and outreach education which is evidence based. The purpose of our agency is to address community needs and to collaborate with other agencies to reduce duplication of services.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Pathways to Healthy Kansas 

Quality of Life Coalition, Inc., first received the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Pathways to a Healthy Kansas grant in August 2017.

The Pathways to a Healthy Kansas grant is designed to help Dickinson County make changes across seven focus areas, all converging to collectively make living healthy an easy, familiar, and expected part of routines and traditions. The focus areas are:

  • Community Policy
  • Resident/Community Well-Being
  • Food Retail
  • Health Care
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Worksites


Healthy Eating

Memorial Health System’s Village Manor received a Pathways grant to design and construct a hospital garden giving residents the opportunity to grow their own fresh produce. Extra produce will be shared with staff and community agencies. This increases access to nutritious foods for seniors and those with limited financial resources.

Active Living

The Abilene & Smoky Valley Railroad Association received a Pathways grant and funding from other organizations to construct Phase 2 of the Iron Horse Trail. This 18-mile walking and biking path will provide free and safe outdoor activities for the community and will connect Abilene and Enterprise, Kansas.

Commercial Tobacco Control

Quality of Life Coalition is working with three licensed childcare centers in Dickinson County who have made the commitment to increase physical activity time for the children in their care, as well as providing a tobacco-free environment that includes limiting exposure to secondhand and thirdhand smoke.

It is amazing to see these leaders in our surrounding communities come together to work toward common goals to help and give people opportunities.

Haley Jones

Director of Development and Marketing, Memorial Health System

Healthy Eating

K-State Research & Extension received Pathways grant funding to establish a community orchard in Abilene’s Eisenhower Park. When the trees and bushes bear fruit, anyone in the community can come and pick this fresh healthy food!

Active Living

Memorial Health System received Pathways funding to construct a concrete walking path. They have recently added lighting and benches to make it more inviting. It is used regularly by nearby residents, patients and staff of the Memorial Health Systems, and a senior center which is bringing community members to walk there.

Commercial Tobacco Control

The Central Kansas Free Fair board passed a tobacco policy so fairgoers and visitors can enjoy tobacco free experiences. The fair board is concerned about the rise of vaping, especially among youth, and is taking steps to increase healthy living in Dickinson County.

Chronic Disease Risk Reduction

The Chronic Disease Risk Reduction (CDRR) program is administered through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. CDRR programs focus on improving physical activity and nutrition and decreasing tobacco use.  Learn more

Quality of Life Coalition (QLC) is targeting these focus areas in Dickinson County:

  • Increasing youth involvement in Tobacco Cessation programs such as RESIST and Taking Down Tobacco.
  • Coordinating Tobacco Control efforts with medical providers who serve prenatal mothers to increase referrals to cessation services.
  • Developing and implementing Tobacco-Free policies at parks and schools.
  • Planning to develop Creative Placemaking projects which increase opportunities for physical activity as well as cultural enhancement for the entire community.


The Quality of Life Coalition is proud to promote the Kansas Tobacco Quitline. 

The Kansas Tobacco Quitline offers free 24/7 help to quit tobacco to all Kansans. To learn more, visit

My Life, My Quit

The Quality of Life Coalition is proud to support and promote the My Life, My Quit. 

My Life, My Quit is a free, confidential resource available to Kansas teens (13-17) to help them quit smoking and vaping. Learn more at

Suicide Prevention Coalition

Kansas Suicide Prevention Coalition is a public-private partnership with statewide membership. We are proud to be part of this life-saving coalition.

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