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The Quality of Life Coalition consists of over 60 different agencies including schools, local governments, health providers, recreational and youth serving organizations, social services, volunteers and concerned individuals. These groups network through monthly community forum meetings where they can share information, discover opportunities to collaborate and reduce duplication of services.

Guided by MAPP results, QLC focuses on population-based outreach community programs including early childhood initiatives such as social-emotional development for young children, planning and initiatives to ensure kindergarten success, underage drinking prevention, healthy community design initiatives, and an annual compilation of local community resources for families.

Additionally, the Quality of Life Coalition, Inc. can act as a Fiscal Agent for other agencies and organizations in Dickinson County, Kansas that do not have 501(c)(3) nonprofit status but would like to receive grants requiring nonprofit designation or donations for programs that demonstrate charitable benefit to the community. The responsibility of Quality of Life Coalition, Inc. as a fiscal agent is to support the mission or purpose of the account entrusted safeguarding the assets of the account and assuring the propriety of all expenditures of funds and disposition of account assets. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for grassroots programs to address community needs.

For more information on our mission, needs, and any of our programs and opportunities, please contact us today!

Our Focus Areas




Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Abuse



Through community partnerships, we work to improve quality of life for everyone in Dickinson County.


Our Mission & Approach

The Quality of Life Coalition serves as a catalyst to promote social, physical and mental well being for the residents of Dickinson County by fostering a thriving environment in which to live, work, play and learn.

Dickinson County is a thriving community, providing opportunities for all to live a quality life. 

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The Quality of Life Coalition is proud of our collaborations with the following fine organizations:


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